The Pursuit of Wellbeing

Teach Well with Steve Waters

June 11, 2021

"Every decision that’s taken, is taken through the lens of “will this adversely affect staff wellbeing and mental health?”

And if the answer is ‘yes it will’ you modify it or you don’t continue with it."

Steve Waters is the founder and CEO of the Teach Well Alliance. He works in partnership with schools to implement a culture of staff wellbeing and mental health through his unique programme, the Teach Well Toolkit.

In this incredibly bold and courageous conversation, Steve talks about: 

  • The biggest lie in education.
  • The root of all evil in education.
  • His invitation to leaders to take a risk and refuse to have anything to do with high-stakes accountability measures.
  • And critically, what strategies to put in place of the strategies you reject.
  • "There is an alternative narrative. You’ve got to stop believing that the only way, is putting such intense pressure on teachers that they conform to what we expect them to do."
  • And much more!

"You can’t say we’re putting the children first, if by putting the children first you’re putting the staff last. It can’t work. It doesn’t happen."

You can connect with Steve

On Twitter @teachwellall

On LinkedIn at Steve Waters

The website is

Steve's book 'Cultures of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools' is now available.

Also mentioned in this podcast 

Jeremy Hannay, Headteacher of Three Bridges Primary School in Southall.
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John Tomsett @johntomsett

His book is "This Much I Know about Love Over Fear: Creating a culture of truly great teaching: Creating a culture for truly great teaching." Available here 
Professor Jonathan Glazzard @j_glazzard

Dylan William, “Everything works somewhere, and nothing works everywhere.” Website

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Find out more about our 5-step Wellbeing Action Plan for teachers online course.

And Maria's book, The Pursuit of Sleep for teachers, is available now.




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